3 axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal System

Gimbal images

3 axis Brushless Gimbal Test and Ready to use for Red Epic, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic…

This Gimbal is used about 3 months and test with Canon 5D Mark III, Blackmagic production and Red Scarlet cameras.


Weight 2kg
Max Load Weight: 4kg
Max Controlled Angle: Pan axis: +-270°, Tilt axis: +-360°(adjustable), Roll axis: +-55°
Inner size: width 200mm\height 200mm\length 100-175mm(adjustable)

3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Included
  • Brushless Gimbal (Carbon fiber)
  • 2pcs Roll, Pan/Yaw GBM8017 120T and 2pcs for Pitch GBM5108 120T motors
  • AlexMos 3 axis Controller board + IMU (Install Simple BGC GUI 2.3b4)
  • Alexmos Plug N Play Buzzer and Alexmos Bluetooth Module
  • Alexmos board Case with Power button and Menu Button
  • IMU Protective Case
  • Joystick Control Box with Menu Button
  • Gimbal Stand
What’s not included:

Camera, lens, monitor, HDMi cable, Battery and Battery charger. We recommend 4S Lipo battery for this Gimbal
Although tested for operation the gimbal will not come pre-tuned or pre-balanced for a specific cameras. Customer will be responsible for tuning and balancing the camera.

Price 2.500€
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